Online Relational Courses & Sessions with Annie

A Word from Annie
" grateful for the many opportunities I have to connect with you dear ones."

4-8 Week Relational Sessions

 * Relational Sessions with Annie, one per week, 1.5 hours per Zoom session on the theme of deep anchoring in Self-Realization through relationship with the Self of All…the Beloved.  You will experience falling into Love with a depth of permanent abidance.

  * Ongoing dialog, teaching, meditating - helping to assimilate what is transmitted into your day to day experiencing, utilizing the WhatsApp platform for audio, video and phone conversations.

  * By relational I mean that you will experience a great deal of access in relationship with me… to what comes through in the way of transmitting, teaching, guiding into deepening your meditation times, embedding and anchoring your knowing of who you are and the nature of the realm of experiencing/creation, with a taste of what is beyond experiencing.

Live Online Satsangs

These may be via Zoom, Facebook Live or Youtube Live.   During these worldwide public events, Annie generally begins with spontaneous sharing from Presence, then lightly guides meditation, a 10 minute break, then tuning into individual participants as intuition guides.

Special One Time Events

From time to time Annie may receive a download to offer special events.  She will announce via Facebook and Instagram as these ari

Reports from Participants

I first worked with Annie for a 8 weeks online, then in person in Sedona.

Annie coming into my path was the end of trying to be free, and the beginning of being free.

When I first met Annie in person, I could feel her Presence was so powerful. I couldn’t comprehend what I was experiencing & the only thoughts I managed to formulate were "holy shit this woman is so magical.”

Annie hadn’t said much to me at this point, but then she said:
“It feels that this is set to be a very transformative time together." I nodded in agreement, but admittedly I did think to myself …“Well, that's a huge statement, I wonder what’s going to happen.”
Two days later it dawned on me, she was right ALREADY. Not only was she right, but what she said was even an understatement.

Annie embodies such a powerful force of Love. Part of what she is on this planet to share, was the gift that freed me from the heaviness of an intellectual understanding of self realisation, to a light & liberating experiential knowing of who I was, on more levels than I even knew were there.  

My words feel flat and colourless, compared to the multi-dimensional, supernova that is Annie and all that she is. So I will leave it at this, I am beyond grateful to have had the chance to work with Annie and I encourage anyone that feels the call to reach out to her & receive this priceless gift that she offers.

Kelly Broderick, Ireland