annie's events December 2019-January 2020


4-Week Online Group Meditation with Annie

MEDITATING WITH ANNIE: The Taste that Wakes You Up

4-Week Live Online Meditation Series

  • Group size minimum of 10, maximum 60 (if more than 60 sign up, I will break up into 2 separate groups)
  • 1.5-2 hours per session (I will keep the Zoom call open for those who may want to linger in Presence longer, as is oftentimes the case).
  • I will provide lightly guided entrance into meditation and towards the end of each session, I’ll tune into various participants to check in and see what was experienced, field questions, etc.
  • Fee for the Series is $195 total
  • Those who attend this series will be eligible for a bundled price when combined with my other 4-week offering (see below). 

4-Week Online Group Course - Anchoring in and Embodying Self Realization

  • Group size minimum of 10, max of 30
  • 1.5-2 hours per session
  • It would be good to take this course simultaneously with the meditation offering (described above).  
  • The first 2-3 sessions I will be leading, guiding you to deepen and anchor in Self-Realization
  • The last 1-2 sessions, Kelly will share her insights into how to bring Self-Realization into your day to day experience in a body. She will be available to assist with helping you with conditioned patterns, exposing and clearing in order to express more fully your Infinite nature.
  • Support throughout the weeks via Facebook Group to be set up and overseen/facilitated by @Kelly Broderick. She will monitor and bring to my attention things for me to address.

4-Week One-on-One Relational Course - Anchoring and Embodying Self Realization

  • 1-2 openings available 
  • This series will be the same content as the group offering, except you will have my attention all to yourself. Kelly Broderick will also be offering the embodying piece, same as in the group offering.
  • Support via WhatsApp with Kelly & I.

Private Residential Retreat with Annie 3-5 days

1-2 openings for December 2019.

Small Group Residential (mostly) Silent Retreat with Annie in Sedona

  • This may come together in December, but most likely will be January 2020.
  • 4-day event - Thursday afternoon/eve through Sunday afternoon.
  • Annie will share in the mornings in a Satsang-style format (Annie speaking from a meditative space, then meditation, then tuning into individual participants to field questions and intuitive insights from Annie.
  • The days will be mostly spent in silence - in a peaceful, meditative environment. There will be an afternoon session and perhaps evening, during which Annie will offer guidance to help process your experiencing during your time in silence during the days.
  • Residential feel - we will be staying together in a nice resort or more probable, a large residence airbnb.

More to come as we approach the new year.