Contribute & Share


Sharing Your Gifts and Talents

We all have unique gifts, talents and other human resources that our hearts long to share.  If you would like to be a part of Annie's outreaches, send us an email and Annie will be in touch.

Sharing Financial and Material Resources

Money is a symbol that is, for this season of the evolution of human consciousness, apparently needed.

So yes, money is always helpful because it can be exchanged for goods and services, living expenses, etc.

There are also material resources that can be shared as well - such as equipment, lodging, transportation and so on.

Spread the Word

Tell others about your experiences with Annie and encourage them to participate as well.

Share Your Ideas, Insights, Inspirations

If you have ideas about how to enhance Annie's service to the world, additional services you would like her to add, people with whom you would like her to connect - for example.  Send us an email with details and we'll see what unfolds.

thank you!

Your support and contributions will enable us touch more hearts and reach those who are thirsty for a drink from the Well of Love.

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