Annie's Heart Team

Gail Holwell - Personal Assistant to Annie Hart


I am so grateful that this Lady showed up  in my path - at the perfect time- to be my Personal Assistant!  Don't know how I managed before her arrival.

She gets me and Flows in harmony - energetically and intuitively.  She knows what I need before I do.  I call her my "other" mind...because mine no longer functions...

Her Presence here not only has me covered - but also radiates and permeates all of us here at Annie's Heart Family - a growing global community of Hearts in Flow together for the benefit of All.

Robert Van Opzeeland - Marketing Coordinator


I met Robert this past summer at Baarlo and was immediately blown away by the radiance he emits constantly!  He shows up with his wide smile, reflecting his vast heart and just shines on anyone in his path.

Robert also came into my life at such a perfect time - filling a much needed role as Marketing Director, but also as a close personal friend and constant source of encouragement and support.

He too operates intuitively and is a "get-it-done" kind of guy, but Flowing in complete effortless non-doing.

Annie Hart - Stewardess of Heart of Annie's Global Family


It is quite easy to write about the others on Annie Heart's Team , not so much about me.  So, what I shall do is share my heart for all of you and all beings.

Every single circumstance of my life path has been perfectly orchestrated with the precision of the Beloved.  These past few months have been the most thrilling, fulfilling and humbling of my life.

So here I find myself, showered with so much Love, flooding me in every moment of every day.  I am so unspeakably grateful to be in the Presence of such dear hearts...

Annie's Heart Team

Alex Alioto


I had the great good fortune of meeting Alex a few months ago, after he reached out to me for a Zoom Session.  There was an immediate resonance and appreciation of the Same Heart recognition.

Alex is a serial entrepreneur and is currently involved as one of the Founders of a Silicon Valley startup.

Alex is not only brilliant but so completely empty of self.  A great fit for Annie's Heart Team!

Alex has become a close friend, a constant source of joy and a lot of giggles.     We've got some ideas cooking...stay tuned.

Ram Anand


From the first moment that Ram and I saw each other and embraced there was an instant, ancient recognitio of the Same Heart.  No words were needed, just a beautiful Silence together.

To be in Ram's Presence is to disappear and melt into the absence of a someone and the merging into the Heart of Love.

I was the grateful recipient of his hospitality at his retreat facility/home at Sunshine in Los Cabos, MX.

He and I will be presenting retreats in various formats, venues and locations in the vicinity of Los Cabos. Sedona as well.

Karen Wade


Karen and I first met in a Zoom Group and had an immediate seeing of each other and began to gather together in response to what we were both sensing - to do clearing work for the collective.

Karen has a depth of insights, intuition and deep experiential seeing of the Nature of All That is.  

She and I will be offering retreats in a couple of venues between Sydney and the Gold Coast of Australia, Spring 2019.

Look for more announcements from Annie's upcoming journey to the Land Down Under.

Better brush up on my Aussie accent.