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"My Experience with Annie"

Annie & Kelly, near Boynton Canyon, Sedona, AZ

Kelly Broderick, Ireland

I first worked with Annie for a 8 weeks online, then in person in Sedona.

Annie coming into my path was the end of trying to be free, and the beginning of being free.

When I first met Annie in person, I could feel her Presence was so powerful. I couldn’t comprehend what I was experiencing & the only thoughts I managed to formulate were "holy shit this woman is so magical.”

Annie hadn’t said much to me at this point, but then she said:
“It feels that this is set to be a very transformative time together." I nodded in agreement, but admittedly I did think to myself …“Well, that's a huge statement, I wonder what’s going to happen.”
Two days later it dawned on me, she was right ALREADY. Not only was she right, but what she said was even an understatement.

Annie embodies such a powerful force of Love. Part of what she is on this planet to share, was the gift that freed me from the heaviness of an intellectual understanding of self realisation, to a light & liberating experiential knowing of who I was, on more levels than I even knew were there.  

My words feel flat and colourless, compared to the multi-dimensional, supernova that is Annie and all that she is. So I will leave it at this, I am beyond grateful to have had the chance to work with Annie and I encourage anyone that feels the call to reach out to her & receive this priceless gift that she offers  <3


Benita Conde, VA

 I wrote the following testimonial after spending some days with Annie this past February. It fills my heart to be able to share it here..."Spending time in person with Annie Hart is an honor, a gift and is experienced as a the biggest faucet of love, wide open, pouring love into ones soul that I have ever experienced.

Annie, through her presence and vibration, her unwavering connection to the Beloved and through her living in pure, focused, effortless devotion brings you into such a field of unwavering love that it is impossible to continue to sequester the parts of your heart and spirit you may believe (knowingly or unknowingly) you still need to separate (protect, hide, keep "safe", etc).

Now, upon my arrival my person flailed a bit to be seen - that was fascinating to watch. I also experienced periods of deep sadness when encountering where I was not yet allowing the love and acceptance in, where I was not recognizing myself as one with God. The mind brought up lots of words and wanted to play its games, to keep me separate. But every time, Annie would gently guide me back to presence, to witnessing, to allowing. Recognizing the tape recorder of the mind, honoring it's function but not paying it much attention, brushing it away like a busy fly, allowed for beautifully deep and quiet periods.

Through stunningly flowing satang moments and meditation all that needs to be shared from Annie is channeled. Then walks and running, hikes and talks, dancing in the kitchen, laughing and eating - all experiencing happens through loving witnessing - and is integrated.

The weeks following my days with Annie have been a welcome and love drenched burning away of the stories that no longer serve this being or the collective. After a period of the mind protesting a bit, it's flowed into weeks of profound slowing down, rest (in various new ways and forms but mainly the rest experienced when paying much less attention to the mind). Creation is happening but more slowly or in spurts and breaks. There is less forcing, there is much more awareness of where the person might want to pop in and manipulate an experience - however well intentioned (ha!). Allowing. More allowing is happening and I am so grateful for this co-creation.

Annie is a pure, open, channel of love. Go to her when you desire, above all else, to merge with The One Infinite in this dance of love. It is available to all."


Brenda Rew, CO

Annie has profoundly changed my life and the "spiritual path" that I'd been traversing for decades. Her Presence so palpably radiated and introduced the exquisiteness of LOVE as All That IS - (that which was obviously missing in so many other previously undertaken "spiritual" teachings and paths) - in such a profound way from the first moment I watched a video sating of hers. Throughout a deep immersion of a series of personal long-distance sessions; then sustained in-person time together in deep engagement and exploration; and since, an on-going long-distance, in-person, and telepathic union - all have tremendously quickened both the Self-Realization process as well as demonstrable deep Embodiment of Love-In-Form-In-Action. If you have the opportunity to explore and go deep with her, you'd be giving yourself - and all of Life - a tremendous gift of Service.