Looking through the Zoom Lens of the Infinite

What is being offered here is a comprehensive, concentrated exploration of All That Is, from the Infinite to the finite - you as an apparent individuation of That.

Seeing in detail, experiencing it directly, will literally transform your day to day, moment by moment experiencing of life as we experience it in the relative, one incarnation or lifetime.

You will see beyond the the tight focus of what appears to be a story of a you, in relationship to other persons, other objects “out there” and from this broader perspective, your experiences will take on an entirely new flavor. From the story of a me with problems, challenges, ups and downs, and so on - you will see how this all fits into the Infinite scheme of things. This brings much relief, usefulness, purpose, meaning…and a new enjoyment of every moment that you never dreamed possible.

Each weekly session will build upon the next, non-linear but rather a Flow that is directed by this Aliveness that is the Source of, the Intelligence, the Love that animates each and every appearance of Itself.  I am looking forward to gathering with you and sharing together in this most Joyous Journey of Love Loving Itself!

Thank you for your interest and ongoing support and care for Annie and our growing community of Annie’s Same Hearts.

With Love of the Infinite Kind

Hugs from Annie’s <3


"much relief, usefulness, purpose, meaning…and a new enjoyment of every moment that you never dreamed possible."



First 4 Participants to Sign up

Will receive a 10% ($200) discount for registering for the full price option.

Price reflects the value that will be received in terms of life transformation.

$995 per 4-week course, $1990 for the entire 8-week course. This is offered as the entire 8 weeks only, because weeks 5-8 will contain more day to day implementation which is vital to the effectiveness and relevance to your life experiencing. There are two payment options - $1990 up front - or 2 payments of $995 each, paid at the first of each 4 week course.

For a limited time I will offer a $200 discount for the first 4 who sign up and pay for both months = $1790.

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Due to interest in individual sessions this course of currently being offered in coordination with Annie's schedule. For details email



"During my first encounter with Annie in an on-line group gathering I was immediately taken into the transcendent expanse of that sacred place deep in the silence of the heart where only the purist divine love and bliss remain and reside."


"Your loving guidance, care, and presence feel like such potent gifts.
I felt like you were holding my hand from Silence today, helping me feel into and beyond the mind even as the mind waves showed up. A grounding in and from
Love. "


""I'm so grateful for you, your love & divine service. It's an honor to have been there with you and to have surrendered even deeper & expanded my heart to all that is & that we are.. there are no words, only wows."


If you have friends whom you would like to join you in this course, or who are interested in learning more about Annie - feel free to spread the word.

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