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Get over your self


In this course, Annie help you get over your "self" by your own direct experience that you are not actually the self you think you are.

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trigger-free and drama-less


In this course, Annie takes you to the root of what triggers you, how to clear these out, and to be truly free of what bugs you.

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Relationships aren’t for Sissies


In this course, Annie will address the most common relationships that typically cause us to want to leave home for the holidays.

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"There is such a Tsunami sweeping through Annie and a Community of Same Hearts being drawn together in concert to share this Expansiveness... such a strong pull from the One Heart to pour out in benefit to the Many."

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AKA: the Birth Pangs of the New You!

Annie will take us on a journey to see through the illusory self that feels alone, isolated and separated from the Infinite Love that animates every bit of Itself, including what we call you and me.

No matter where you are at in this journey we call Life, this course will help you see things through the Infinite perspective.  

We all experience what could best be described as contractive and expansive phases throughout our lives.  The purpose of these cycles is for your evolution from the tightly focused reference point of a me to the zoomed-out reference point of seeing oneself as an individuation of Infinite Experiencing.

This seeing will provide the context by which these contractive and expansive cycles can be seen and thus experienced from a whole new, FREE view point.

The result is - more peace in ones daily experiencing of life, not matter what appears to be happening, more joy, more contentment, less contractions, less blaming, judging and shaming (making things wrong or right, softening ones needs to have any particular outcome).

The ultimate seeing is that there is only One I, the Self of All, and this can be experienced in ones daily life, while being in an apparent body, living in complete awareness of ones Infinite Self experiencing the individual self.

Each week will build upon the previous as Annie takes you deeper and deeper into the experiential seeing of what is being taught



In other words - when we are free from triggers, those things that "bug" us about others - there is less drama in our lives.  We no longer feel pulled into conflicts, arguments and misunderstandings that strain relationships.  How the apparent others react is up to them, you no longer feel the need to be pulled into the...drama.

Annie will take us to the root of what triggers us, how to clear these out, and be free from any “velcro” that can stick to whatever comes our way.

There will be plenty of interaction with Annie, personalized for each participant (limited to 4 per group) as you work through those topics of your experiencing that stand out as recurring lifelong patterns.  It can be said that for the vast majority, there are only 3-4 main themes of conditioning (trigger producers) that we streamed in with, potentially to be cleared for good.

In the first session, Annie will help each participant to identify these recurring trigger patterns and in the following 3 weeks, she will work with each of you to address and clear.  By seeing what sorts of things show up for the each other, all will benefit as well.

From the first sesson of the 4 weeks, building throughout the course, you will immediately experience more peace in your daily, moment by moment experience of Life.  Freedom from those common, recurring themes that we all streamed in with, which means freedom from preferring a particular outcome, because all will be seen as perfect already, as it arises in each moment.

Annie will help you clear, from the closely focused reference point of being a someone in a body, effected by others “out there”.  Having cleared the core issues opens one up to the direct realization that all that we experience, when seen from the Infinite perspective, is simply one little bit of the exploration of the All That Is.


Relationships aren’t for Sissies

In this 4-week course, Annie will help you work through the individual issues (it’s never about the other person/s) that oftentimes result in pain, frustration and separation.
There will be time for each participant (limited to 4 per group) to have address their issues and have Annie help them get to the root of what wants to be seen in every single relationship of one to an apparent other.  What causes the pain is never about the other person nor the content of the story of how these interactions play out.  It’s always about us, and Annie will show how the seeing of this brings release and freedom.
Each of the weekly classes will focus on one of 4 topics that seem to be generally up for most folks:

  • Intimate partners
  • Friends and family
  • The workplace (co-workers, managers, clients, etc)
  • Social inputs (political, global, local, social media, etc)

Each of the 4-week courses could potentially be expanded upon into another series of 2-4 week courses.
There will also be an opportunity to sign up for personal one on one sessions with Annie as follow up, tune up or whatever is needed.

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All course offerings may run simultaneously and specific weekdays and times will be determined based on the time zones of each participant and we'll do our best to pick days and times that work for the participants in each group.

Course structure:

Each 4-week course will consist of 1 hour per week, which may go slightly longer than 1 hour (which is fine with Annie, she doesn't watch the clock), and will include instruction from Annie followed by working through specific issues for each of the participants.

Groups limited to 4, in order to provide maximum benefit from Annie's focused attention on each participant. 

Each of these 4 week courses are also available for individual sessions.                               


Brenda in CO, USA

"During my first encounter with Annie in an on-line group gathering I was immediately taken into the transcendent expanse of that sacred place deep in the silence of the heart where only the purist divine love and bliss remain and reside."


"Your loving guidance, care, and presence feel like such potent gifts.
I felt like you were holding my hand from Silence today, helping me feel into and beyond the mind even as the mind waves showed up. A grounding in and from
Love. "


""I'm so grateful for you, your love & divine service. It's an honor to have been there with you and to have surrendered even deeper & expanded my heart to all that is & that we are.. there are no words, only wows."


If you have friends whom you would like to join you in this course, or who are interested in learning more about Annie - feel free to spread the word.

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