Greetings from Annie

4-Week Online Meditation Course:

Meditation: Turning Chore into Choice…”Practice” into Preference

No matter where you’re at along the spiritual path, you will benefit from being in the space generated from Annie’s Presence. Many of you have experienced this in her public Satsangs, retreats and one-on-one sessions and now - for the first time - this is being offered in an online group setting.

Some words from Annie:

“All it takes is a few tastes of what I point to - the sense of peace, ease, stillness, silence….presence. It’s been called the “nectar” - once imbibed the love affair ensues.

Initially it can appear to be a discipline, something we ought to do, we should do…in order to get something…another experience,

In my experience - meditation is not a means to get something but rather a way of life, an ongoing love affair with the Love/Presence that dwells in every Heart.

Nearly everyone I encounter in my role as a spiritual teacher has a desire to deepen their experiencing of meditation. I am really excited to gather with you all and to drink of the Infinite Love that appears as All That Is.




Hello Dear Sweet Annie, I just wanted to touch base with today to express my heartfelt gratitude for your presence on my journey. Being with you has opened me up to what I would say is a completely different expression of being. So much is clear now that was hidden before and I am firmly on my journey now, gone is the consumption and in it's place I now find and experience Joy in my progress on my Great Journey. I now see the Beauty of the Human experience and feel available for my journey. Thank you!! You were right, there is no stopping the process now. I love you xxx

Christine Hamilton, UK

Thank you just isn’t anywhere near enough to express my gratitude for today’s super powerful heartfelt downloads that continue to pour through this vessel 


The powerful transmission lasted well into the night & hasn’t quite finished yet 

I was thrown into a pitch black nothingness/everything for a second last night which hadn’t happened before 

You sure are a magical heartfelt soul.

Everything is being seen with new eyes right now which is super magical 🧙‍♀and I am so grateful for the purification 🦋🌻

I am beyond grateful for our connection 🌈🙏🏽♾

You are the most beautiful expression of infinite ♾ love ❤ that words cannot express 🦋

Emma Jane, UK

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