Annie's Heart Church

Weekly session for meditation, connection, and a potent out-pour of Love of the infinite kind.

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When: Saturdays
Time: 8am PDT (GMT-7)
Mtg ID: 205 456 150

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When: Saturdays

Time: 8am PDT (GMT-7)

Mtg ID: 205 456 150

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"Even in the midst of it all, you remain undisturbed. Rest in the generative, co-creative power of Self. Anchor to the intelligence that operates despite our ignorance of it. Even as things change & die... remember that the Love IN YOU never ends. The gift is in riding the waves of transformation as they meet you in your experience of Life. Sending gratitude for this gift of Life, connection, and communion. All is (and will continue to be) Well."
written by Tessa Rae (Annie's Heart Church co-creator)

✨ Join us each Saturday morning on Zoom for 'Annie's Heart Church," a weekly session for meditation, connection and a potent out-pour of Love of the infinite kind.

✨ All are welcome to share in this gift of communion regardless of meditation experience.

"There's Just Something about Annie..."


My Heart for You and All Beings

Guiding You into the One Heart Within

Self Realization = Love Realization

I have been prepared throughout this (and many others  incarnation that has spanned a few decades.... for such a time as this.

My Heart is God's Heart.  I am here to take you by the hand to guide, point, nudge, encourage you to taste of what is always already present in and as every single bit of Creation - which of course includes you!


Self Realization = Love Realization

Guiding You into the One Heart Within

Self Realization = Love Realization

Self Realization is a description of the direct experience, the recognition of what/who/whose you are.  There is only One Self/God/Infinite Creator appearing, expressing, experiencing in and as everything and everyone.

What I emphasis is that this basic sense of "me" (or "I/Iam") is the God experiencing Its Infinite Self in relatively finite form - aka 'you'.  

This recognition is God remembering Itself.  This sense of me is made up of, the Essence of Love.  


Guiding You into the One Heart Within

Guiding You into the One Heart Within

Guiding You into the One Heart Within

Everything that expresses through "me" is all pointing/guiding to your own direct experience of the always-on Presence of God/Love within your heart.

All the written words, spoken words, videos, silence....come from and reflect to you the Presence of God within.

Retreats With Annie


Public Retreats

At various times and locations throughout the year, Annie hosts retreats to help people anchor in self realization and further their awakening.   In order for participants to experience abiding Transformation, Annie prefers small groups in intimate residential settings.   

There is also a sense that there will be events for larger crowds as well.

Private One-on-One Residential Retreats

To have Annie's full attention, even for 2-3 days is life changing to say the least.  She prefers to host these at her residence (aka Annie's Ashram) but has done some in various locations worldwide.

Online Retreats

Beginning in 2020 Annie may be offering some 2-day online retreats.  These would generally begin with a Friday evening Session, morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday, and Sunday morning final Session.   Using the Zoom video platform, Annie will share as if you were in the same physical space.  

Online Relational Courses & Sessions with Annie

A Word from Annie
" grateful for the many opportunities I have to connect with you dear ones."

4-8 Week Relational Sessions

 * Relational Sessions with Annie, one per week, 1.5 hours per Zoom session on the theme of deep anchoring in Self Realization through relationship with the Self of All…the Beloved.  You will experience falling into Love with a depth of permanent abidance.

  * Ongoing dialog, teaching, meditating - helping to assimilate what is transmitted into your day to day experiencing, utilizing the WhatsApp platform for audio, video and phone conversations to anchor your awakening.

  * By relational I mean that you will experience a great deal of access in relationship with me… to what comes through in the way of transmitting, teaching, guiding into deepening your meditation times, embedding and anchoring your knowing of who you are and the nature of the realm of experiencing/creation, with a taste of what is beyond experiencing.

Live Online Satsangs

These may be via Zoom, Facebook Live or Youtube Live.   During these worldwide public events, Annie generally begins with spontaneous sharing from Presence, then lightly guides meditation, a 10 minute break, then tuning into individual participants as intuition guides.

Special One Time Events

From time to time Annie may receive a download to offer special events.  She will announce via Facebook and Instagram as these ari

Reports from Participants

"Spending time immersed and embraced in the infinite love that pours through Annie is truly lifechanging bringing a depth of peace, clarity and love like never before. Gift yourself this priceless offering of knowing thr Pure Infinite love you ARE. "
Karen Wade, Australia

See more on the page below:

Upcoming Events


4-Week Online Group Meditation with Annie

MEDITATING WITH ANNIE: The Taste that Wakes You Up

4-Week Live Online Meditation Series

  • Group size minimum of 10, maximum 60 (if more than 60 sign up, I will break up into 2 separate groups)
  • 1.5-2 hours per session (I will keep the Zoom call open for those who may want to linger in Presence longer, as is oftentimes the case).
  • I will provide lightly guided entrance into meditation and towards the end of each session, I’ll tune into various participants to check in and see what was experienced, field questions, etc. The intent is to anchor you in self realization.
  • Fee for the Series is $195 total
  • Those who attend this series will be eligible for a bundled price when combined with my other 4-week offering (see below). 

4-Week Online Group Course - Anchoring in and Embodying Self Realization

  • Group size minimum of 10, max of 30
  • 1.5-2 hours per session
  • It would be good to take this course simultaneously with the meditation offering (described above).  
  • The first 2-3 sessions I will be leading, guiding you to deepen and anchor in Self-Realization
  • The last 1-2 sessions, Kelly will share her insights into how to bring Self-Realization into your day to day experience in a body. She will be available to assist with helping you with conditioned patterns, exposing and clearing in order to express more fully your Infinite nature.
  • Support throughout the weeks via Facebook Group to be set up and overseen/facilitated by @Kelly Broderick. She will monitor and bring to my attention things for me to address.

Small Group Residential (mostly) Silent Retreat with Annie in Sedona

  • Hopefully by late Spring, early Summer, depending on current events.
  • 4-day event - Thursday afternoon/eve through Sunday afternoon.
  • Annie will share in the mornings in a Satsang-style format (Annie speaking from a meditative space), then meditation, then tuning into individual participants to field questions and intuitive insights from Annie.
  • The days will be mostly spent in silence - in a peaceful, meditative environment. There will be an afternoon session and perhaps evening, during which Annie will offer guidance to help process your experiencing during your time in silence during the days.
  • Residential feel - we will be staying together in a nice resort or more probable, a large residence airbnb.

More to come on this in the new year to help you anchor in self realization.

"My Experience with Annie"

Annie & Kelly, near Boynton Canyon, Sedona, AZ

Kelly Broderick, Ireland

I first worked with Annie for a 8 weeks online, then in person in Sedona.

Annie coming into my path was the end of trying to be free, and the beginning of being free.

When I first met Annie in person, I could feel her Presence was so powerful. I couldn’t comprehend what I was experiencing & the only thoughts I managed to formulate were "holy shit this woman is so magical.”

Annie hadn’t said much to me at this point, but then she said:
“It feels that this is set to be a very transformative time together." I nodded in agreement, but admittedly I did think to myself …“Well, that's a huge statement, I wonder what’s going to happen.”
Two days later it dawned on me, she was right ALREADY. Not only was she right, but what she said was even an understatement.

Annie embodies such a powerful force of Love. Part of what she is on this planet to share, was the gift that freed me from the heaviness of an intellectual understanding of self realisation, to a light & liberating experiential knowing of who I was, on more levels than I even knew were there.  

My words feel flat and colourless, compared to the multi-dimensional, supernova that is Annie and all that she is. So I will leave it at this, I am beyond grateful to have had the chance to work with Annie and I encourage anyone that feels the call to reach out to her & receive this priceless gift that she offers  <3


Benita Conde, VA

 I wrote the following testimonial after spending some days with Annie this past February. It fills my heart to be able to share it here..."Spending time in person with Annie Hart is an honor, a gift and is experienced as a the biggest faucet of love, wide open, pouring love into ones soul that I have ever experienced.

Annie, through her presence and vibration, her unwavering connection to the Beloved and through her living in pure, focused, effortless devotion brings you into such a field of unwavering love that it is impossible to continue to sequester the parts of your heart and spirit you may believe (knowingly or unknowingly) you still need to separate (protect, hide, keep "safe", etc).

Now, upon my arrival my person flailed a bit to be seen - that was fascinating to watch. I also experienced periods of deep sadness when encountering where I was not yet allowing the love and acceptance in, where I was not recognizing myself as one with God. The mind brought up lots of words and wanted to play its games, to keep me separate. But every time, Annie would gently guide me back to presence, to witnessing, to allowing. Recognizing the tape recorder of the mind, honoring it's function but not paying it much attention, brushing it away like a busy fly, allowed for beautifully deep and quiet periods.

Through stunningly flowing satang moments and meditation all that needs to be shared from Annie is channeled. Then walks and running, hikes and talks, dancing in the kitchen, laughing and eating - all experiencing happens through loving witnessing - and is integrated.

The weeks following my days with Annie have been a welcome and love drenched burning away of the stories that no longer serve this being or the collective. After a period of the mind protesting a bit, it's flowed into weeks of profound slowing down, rest (in various new ways and forms but mainly the rest experienced when paying much less attention to the mind). Creation is happening but more slowly or in spurts and breaks. There is less forcing, there is much more awareness of where the person might want to pop in and manipulate an experience - however well intentioned (ha!). Allowing. More allowing is happening and I am so grateful for this co-creation.

Annie is a pure, open, channel of love. Go to her when you desire, above all else, to merge with The One Infinite in this dance of love. It is available to all."


Brenda Rew, CO

Annie has profoundly changed my life and the "spiritual path" that I'd been traversing for decades. Her Presence so palpably radiated and introduced the exquisiteness of LOVE as All That IS - (that which was obviously missing in so many other previously undertaken "spiritual" teachings and paths) - in such a profound way from the first moment I watched a video sating of hers. Throughout a deep immersion of a series of personal long-distance sessions; then sustained in-person time together in deep engagement and exploration; and since, an on-going long-distance, in-person, and telepathic union - all have tremendously quickened both the Self-Realization process as well as demonstrable deep Embodiment of Love-In-Form-In-Action. If you have the opportunity to explore and go deep with her, you'd be giving yourself - and all of Life - a tremendous gift of Service.

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