Celebrating the joy of Being...uniquely, magnificently you! 

This great gift of All that we gave ourselves, is meant to be enjoyed in the full Realization that you are indeed Infinite Love...embodied in a focal reference point (aka a body)  for the sake of exploring your part of the Infinite expressions of Love appearing as All That Is.

Welcome Home, to the place you never left...

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Annie's Heart Offerings


The Nature of this Aliveness is that we are constantly exploring, expanding...evolving.


Annie's Heart Offerings

Upcoming Events


Lots happening in Annie's World, several retreats upcoming, online events, classes, on and on...she goes.




"I realised how deeply you have helped me connect to the Beloved, mySelf - and for that I eternally grateful." Kelly Broderick VN


Private Sessions With Annie


This is a great place to start, and if you'd like to meet Annie "face to face", via a live Zoom Video Session. 

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Frequent updates on what's happening in the expression of the Heart of Annie around the world.  Be a part of her ongoing journey.

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Annie's Heart is to bring to you all what your heart yearns for.  Don't see what you're looking for here?  Drop us an email: info@heartofannie.com. Or 

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With the Holiday Season upon us and relevant year-round, we are pleased to offer these Gift Cards for you to utilize for yourselves and the others in your lives.  What a beautiful way to share this Love that lives, moves, breaths and flourishes as each and every One of “us”.

With a gift card purchase you will receive a 'greeting from Annie' along a couponcode which can be used to redeem the gift card by your 'beloved gift recipient' in the Heart of Annie webshop. The Gift Card amounts are the equivalent prices of a one on one session with Annie. So when purchasing a gift card, you are passing to your loved one this special time of dedicated interaction with Annie. The gift cards can be used for session or courses. Click on the image to the right to purchase.

Thank you for sharing in This that is unfolding in, as and through the Heart of Annie.




During my first encounter with Annie in an on-line group gathering I was immediately taken into the transcendent expanse of that sacred place deep in the silence of the heart where only the purist divine love and bliss remain and reside."


"Your loving guidance, care, and presence feel like such potent gifts.
I felt like you were holding my hand from Silence today, helping me feel into and beyond the mind even as the mind waves showed up. A grounding in and from
Love. "

KELLY, in vietnam

"I'm so grateful for you, your love & divine service. It's an honor to have been there with you and to have surrendered even deeper & expanded my heart to all that is & that we are.. there are no words, only wows."

Jay Boniselli, in LA USA

"Wow thanks so much Annie. That was so helpful and encouraging and I’m so grateful that you’ve come into my field as a friend. You’re such a clear mirror, really rare gift. I feel a thousand times better right now so thanks so much!"

Julie Mulvanny, in AUSTRALIA

"You couldn’t have given me more precious gift Annie.  Words from the silence that nurture me beyond all expectation.  I treasure this more than you can know!   LoveJulie   No more words from me just basking in light and listening! " 

Sanam Bakhti, IN INDIA

"In sincerity though, I’m glad our paths crossed- you’re the most loving and giving soul. Not to forget fun, funny and lit! My favourite!"


4 week online courses

    4-Week, 1 hour courses. The themes are: 

  • Trigger-Free & Drama-Less
  • Relationships Aren't for Sissies
  • Get over Your self 

Find the courses here

8 week online courses

In which Annie will explore with participants the journey from the threshold of the Absolute to the tight focus on the focal reference point within Infinite All That is, referred to as you and me. 

Check the course here

Personalised course options

After one-on-one Sessions with Annie, oftentimes themes come up that necessitate more in-depth explorations.  Many are finding great benefit in having intuit weekly Sessions with Annie. 

personalise a course here

Gift cards

We are pleased to offer these Gift Cards for you to utilize for yourselves and the others in your lives.  What a beautiful way to share this Love that lives, moves, breaths and flourishes as each and every One of “us”. 

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Live Streaming Satsangs

Subscription based, her (weekly as much as her schedule permits) meetings involve her transmitting in Silence as well as through spoken words, covering a wide array of subjects.

What Topics would you like for Annie to Address?

Annie lives in the Flow of the One Heart, which is always responsive to the heart's yearnings in everyone.  So, if you have something that you would like her to address, click here to submit whatever is on your heart, send an email to info@heartofannie.com



Share Your gifts, talents and resources

Annie's heart family is growing and you can join in by sharing you!

As you have probably noticed - things are unfolding rather quickly here at Heart of Annie.  We would love to have you join in and help spread the word worldwide!

There are so many ways that you can contribute and be a part:
Share your gifts, talents and heart - perhaps you have a passion to share your natural ability and excitement to create beautiful graphics, or you enjoy the technical side of things (such as website design and implementation, back-end maintenance, tech support, etc.), or you really love to help spread the word about a product/offering, or you are a musician/artist and would like to share your gifts in this way, or you just want to offer your support in whatever is most needed in the moment.  

If you are feeling abundant financially there are a number of ways that your financial gifts would be most appreciated and well utilized - such as cash (see link on how to share in that way) - or by sponsoring some of the items needed for expansion (see the link to our online list of equipment, supplies needed).

No matter what or how your heart yearns to share, we welcome you with open arms.  Always know that your Presence here is always more than enough!  We're grateful to have you here and part of Annie's Heart Family.

share by amazon gift e-cards

There are oftentimes needs that come up in the moment, as we grow our expression to the world - photo/video equipment, software, hardware, office supplies, and so on -  and since Amazon provides such a broad inventory of pretty much anything that could be needed, for now, this appears to be the best way for us to receive funds to purchase what is needed when it is needed.

Thank you for your open hearts to share in this way!

Share with Amazon Gift Cards

THANK YOU for you hearts to share financially!

Always very helpful -  any and all gifts in the form of money,  a tangible expression of ones heart to contribute energetically in the form of currency, which can then be exchanged for goods and services.  We appreciate any and all gifts, as it all Flows in confluence with what is wanting to be shared with beings worldwide.  Thank you for your heart to care and share!

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Welcome to sharing in the World of Annie's Heart.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries you might have. The doors to our community are open to you, and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Heart of Annie

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